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Joon-Ho Bong, Nelson Yu Lik-wai, Sogo Ishii - Jeonju Digital Project 2004 (2004)

Influenza (29min)
The film starts with a man named Cho Hyuk-Rae who has perched dangerously on top of the Han River Bridge. It is a sad picture of a man who has been caught unwittingly on a security camera. The camera continues to reveal the downward spiral of Cho and those of us who surround him. The real images shown through the camera keep on becoming more corrupted as the time goes by.
Bong Joon-Ho

Dance with Me to the End of Love (30min)
Plastic city suffers from the big chill. The extreme weather conditions prohibits and human existence on the ground surface. An hostel is under this deserted landscape. A doorkeeper of the hostel Kirin is an orphan and nobody knows exactly where he is from. People named him Kirin simply because he earns his life by collecting emptied Kirin beer cans. One day he meets a woman nomad Lanian.
Yu Lik Wai

Mirrored Mind (41min)
An actress who writes a script experiences. She feels like she's lost something vital in her heart and finds herself very much distressed over the difficult process of writing a script and acting. One night, she meets a lonely woman like her shadow on the street in central Tokyo. Then she decides to go on a trip to Southeast Asia escaping the hardships involved in making a movie.
Ishii Sogo
 Mind.avi Me to the End of Love.avi

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