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Yôji Yamada - Otoko wa tsurai yo: Yogiri ni musebu torajiro AKA Marriage Counselor Tora-san (1984)

File:Marriage Counselor Tora-san.jpg

Tora-san meets an old friend whom he hasn't seen for a number of years. His friend is now a married man. He has abandoned his wandering life and settled down. This makes Tora-san feels sorry for himself. So, when he meets a pretty but troubled barber (Rie Nakahara), who was unable to hold down a steady job and wants to become a wanderer, Tora-san urges her marry someone reliable and stop being unrealistic. He accompanies her to Nemuro where she falls for a motorcycle rider at a circus. Later, when Tora-san is attending the wedding of neighbor Akemi (Jun Miho, who debuts here in the series and will appear in some other episodes), he and the barber are reunited again. - 1984 - Tora-san 33 - Marriage Counselor.Xvid.AC3.zupluciandvdrip.avi

Or - 1984 - Tora-san 33 - Marriage Counselor.Xvid.AC3.zupluciandvdrip.part1.rar - 1984 - Tora-san 33 - Marriage Counselor.Xvid.AC3.zupluciandvdrip.part2.rar - 1984 - Tora-san 33 - Marriage Counselor.Xvid.AC3.zupluciandvdrip.part3.rar - 1984 - Tora-san 33 - Marriage Counselor.Xvid.AC3.zupluciandvdrip.part4.rar

Subtitle - 1984 - Tora-san 33 - Marriage Counselor.Xvid.AC3.zupluciandvdrip.sub

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