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Nobuhiro Suwa, Seung-wook Moon, Xiaoshuai Wang - Jeonju Digital Project 2002 (2002)

A Letter from Hiroshima (37min)
Korean actress Kim Ho Jung receives a letter from Japanese director Suwa Nobuhiro. It says "I'm in Hiroshima working on a project, I would like to do with you. Please come to Hiroshima". She goes to Hiroshima but she couldn't meet him. waiting for him she visits Peace Memorial Hall and sees the images of war. Meanwhile, Suwa gives up this project and playing with his son in Hiroshima.
Suwa Nobuhiro
Survival Game (39min)
K is a stock broker who tries to earn lots of money through a swindle. He incites people to put money in the scheme. But his plan is revealed by the police and one of the people involved in the scheme hangs himself. K becomes a fugitive and he finds himself in the middle of a survival game. His friend is teaching him how to play it. At first, it is just a game of people who want to escape from their everyday stress.
Moon Seung-wook
New Year (33min)
While my mother and I were waiting for the Green Card in the U.S., which were delayed because of 9.11 terror, my father became seriously ill back hospital. My uncle was looking after my father all by himself. My father realized that he did not have much time to live and he left the hospital. He wanted to spend his last days at home for the spring festival.
Wang Xiaoshuai
 Letter from Hiroshima.avi Game.avi New Year.avi


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