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Efim Dzigan - Pervaya konnaya AKA The First Horse Cavalry Army (1941)

Historical-revolutionary film of the play by V. Vishnevsky. The action takes place in July 1920 on the Polish front. Against Polish invaders who occupied the Ukraine, the command of Red Army offensive organizes the Southwestern Front. Responsible for the operation assigned to IV Ctalin. The striking force of the front laid to become the First Cavalry Army under the command of SM Budyonny. Going from the Kuban 1000-kilometer march, she breaks through the Polish front and begins a rapid raid, smashing the Polish hinterland.

In July-August 1920, the Polish invaders in Ukraine have been completely destroyed. The liberation campaign of the Red Army in Poland. In this military operation emerged leadership talent SM Budyonny - founder of the strategy of mobile warfare.

"The brilliant achievements of the 1 st Cavalry Army in many operations in the Donbass, the Don, Kuban, Volga region, Northern Caucasus and Ukraine in fighting with troops belopanskoy Poland, Northern Tavria and the Crimea, its rich combat experience served as a model for All troops fought the Soviet Republic. Commander Budyonny, his closest members of the Revolutionary Military Council, Voroshilov, EA Shchadenka and other commanders and political instructors of the 1 st Cavalry soldiers were taught fearlessness and selflessness in combat with the enemy, led them in the front ranks of the defenders of October. konnaya [Efim Dzigan].avi[Efim_Dzigan].part1.rar.html[Efim_Dzigan].part2.rar.html

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