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Navisworks Essential Training

Navisworks Essential Training
2h 37m | Appropriate for all | Mar 27, 2014 | Exercise Files | 741 MB

Navisworks spans the design and the construction worlds. This course is designed for residents of both: construction personnel, architects, and engineers who are looking to integrate design with the as-built world. Learn how to use Navisworks Manage and Navisworks Simulate to gain control and get a holistic view of your projects. Eric Wing shows how to manage models, clash the models for interference, and virtually construct a building using a construction timeline. He also shows how to create material takeoffs and conduct live, interactive walk-throughs with clients and contractors. On the surface, Navisworks might look like just a file viewer, but with this course, you'll learn things about its analysis and simulation tools that would be either impossible or impossibly expensive any other way.
Topics include:

Appending and merging different file types
Walking through your model
Working with viewpoints
Reviewing and marking up a model
Manipulating and finding objects
Adding links to objects
Sorting and grouping
Creating clash tests
Adding a timeline with the Timeliner
Creating material takeoffs
Creating custom animations and scripts for an interactive movie

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