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William A. Seiter - Chance at Heaven (1933)

With the evident hope of appealing to young persons in love, the Rialto is exhibiting an innocuous domestic tangle labeled "Chance at Heaven." It is one of those frail, disarming features in which psychology is considered unimportant. The author and the director see to it that the leading characters fall in love and decide to part without much of an excuse in either case.

The education of Glory Franklyn, a pretty, rich girl, has evidently been sorely neglected. Her idea of decorating her home is absurd enough to stir up laughter, and when she is at the wheel of a car she is to be feared, for she never knows where she is driving. This daughter of a wealthy family actually does not know that pie-crust has to be baked before it is ready for eating. But strange to relate, Blacky Gorman, a filling-station owner, jilts his humble and sensible lass, Marje Harris, and elopes with the brainless Glory.


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