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Takashi Shimizu - Rinne aka Reincarnation (2005)

Same director as in the Ju-on films or Marebito. It is not bad at all, despite some imdb reviews. Fear is the most difficult feeling for a film to produce, and this one has its moments. For asian horror fans -and, most specially, for those who like horror films involving a doll... mon dieu!

The actress Nagisa Sugiura is selected for the cast of a horror movie about a professor that killed his family, guests and staff in the Ono Kanko Hotel to prove his theory that people's souls are reincarnated after death. When the director, cast and crew arrive in the hotel, Nagisa sees dead people moving around the place. Along the shootings, she has nightmares and visions of the killing and she realizes that the people involved in the movie are actually reincarnation of those killed in the hotel, and she was the killer professor in her previous life, ending absolutely insane.


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