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Scott Zakarin - Creating Rem Lezar (1989)

From Wikipedia::

Creating Rem Lezar is a children's musical film starring Jack Mulcahy, Jonathan Goch and Courtney Kernaghan. Released by Valley Studios in 1989 as a direct-to-video release.

The film was written, directed, produced and choreographed by Scott Zakarin, as well as having a starring role as "Vorock" the fear-mongering face and being the co-writer of the musical number's lyrics.

Though the film remains in obscurity, it appears to be gaining a following as an Internet phenomenon via youtube and eBaum's World, specially from a scene where two kids fall asleep next to a mannequin which comes to life, titled as "Worse 80's video" and "Creepy 80's Video".

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Several clips, including some of the musical numbers have been referenced as a representation of low-budget 80's music video culture. Additionally, clips from the film have made an appearance in the fourth installment of the Found Footage Festival, a touring, comedic showcase of strange and obscure VHS footage.


Zack gets in trouble in class for daydreaming about a superhero named Rem Lezar, and sent to the principal. He storms out of the principal's office, believing him incapable of understanding him. Later in art class, Zack sculpts an image of Rem Lezar, whom Ashlee has also dreamed about, and has drawn. Ashlee is the first person to believe that Rem Lezar is more than imaginary, but she will not speak with him as long as he keeps up a sexist attitude. The two obtain a male mannequin (apparently, they stole it), and dress it like Rem Lezar, who comes to life in their arms. He can live but a single day unless Zack and Ashlee find the Quixotic Medallion to keep him permanently alive. The fear-mongering face, Vorock, tells them it is hidden at the height of imagination, and Zack concedes to Ashlee's idea that it might be in a building, but when the World Trade Center isn't it, Ashlee accepts going to the mountains, where they (apparently inadvertently) split up their search, each bringing a Rem Lezar.


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