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Richard Benner - Outrageous! (1977)

Without a doubt, Craig Russell was the last of the great old school female impersonators. He did all his own voices so his "ladies" as he himself called them were true impersonations. Outrageous! is a Russell tour de force. He essentially plays himself, in the guise of character Robin Turner, a frustrated hair dresser who dreams of stardom. Together with a platonic galpal, (Hollis McLaren) he sets out to make his dreams come true. Along the way we are treated to his full arsenal of impersonations - Judy Garland, Peggy Lee, Carol Channing, Bette Davis, Tallullah Bankhead, Marlene Dietrich, Bette Midler, Mae West (who he once lived with), and others. Screenplay is based on the autobiographical story, "Making It," from the collection "The Butterfly Ward" by Margaret Gibson, a woman who lived with Russell while struggling to come to terms with her mental illness - Outrageous! - 1977.avi

Or - Outrageous! - 1977.part1.rar - Outrageous! - 1977.part2.rar - Outrageous! - 1977.part3.rar - Outrageous! - 1977.part4.rar

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