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Pjer Zalica - Kod amidze Idriza aka Days and Hours (2004)

The native title of the film translates as "At uncle Idriza's". Imagine visiting your old grandparents in their village house, do not expect more than that, certainly nothing spectacular. However once you accept this fact, the film is very nice!

The director's accuracy in portraying the typical is stunning! Every single detail of the people's habits, that I know by actually meeting people like the characters in the film, is there. I was quite fascinated to discover how much the same we are across families and even across countries, down to the smallest jests! This neighbourhood and these granddad and grandma could be in the outskirts of Sarajevo, could be elsewhere in former Yugoslavia, or could be in my country, Bulgaria. I suspect the same would feel viewers from Turkey, Romania, Albania...

There is something that sets this Sarajevo apart though - the tragic and irretrievable loss of a son seven years ago.

The war is invisible to us but thinly feels through, being part of the past of everyone there. Indeed, it is maybe the main point of the film to show us that a troubled society will naturally return back to a completely usual and inconspicuous life, yet the pain will never fully disappear within those generations. Amidze Idriza.avi

Or Amidze Idriza.part1.rar Amidze Idriza.part2.rar Amidze Idriza.part3.rar Amidze Idriza.part4.rar

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