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Nilgun Suna - Catalhoyuk (2001)

A travel to the roots of civilization...
Çatalhöyük, the largest Neolithic settlement known in the Near East. Being the earliest farmers, the people of Çatalhöyük established the first large urban center and composed the first settled life culture 9000 years ago.
The people of Çatalhöyük who lived in the immediate vicinity of Çumra farmed their land and grown up their crops. They started to store the food, used pottery, furnished their houses with coloured murals, figurines and woman shapes; consequently developed bright sample of a social organization.

Field, crops and harvest... This life cycle was first completed during the Neolithic age. The Neolithic age is the period when civilization was born. Being the earliest farmers and urban-dwellers, the people of Çatalhöyük carried on farming and hunting at the same time.
Between 1961 and 1965 The Çatalhöyük excavations managed by Professor James Mellaart from the British Institute of Archaeology in Ankara. After 1965 Professor Ian Hodder from Cambridge University was the head of the restarted excavations. In the programme its given a place to different point of views of the old and the new excavation chiefs’ opinions and comparative results of the Çatalhöyük excavations.
The documentary, traces the Çatalhöyük architecture, pottery and the other foundlings, wall paintings, woven clothes and the laboratory analysis of the plant seeds and soil. It searches the major characteristics of Çatalhöyük architecture, settlement patterns, and the beliefs of Çatalhöyük people. With the help of excavation foundlings in Ankara Anatolian Civilization Museum and Konya Çatalhöyük Museum; the documentary assesses the characteristics of the everyday life in Neolithic period.
The images of the excavation foundling evaluation meeting which hold every year in Mc Donald institute for Archaeological Research in England also takes place in the documentary.
The excavation foundling that enlightens the social life and commercial relationships of the Çatalhöyük people.
A different approach to the Neolithic Culture, interesting rapprochement to art and social system in Neolithic period.
A detailed work that searches the roots of civilization...

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