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Jean Rollin - La nuit des horloges aka The Night of the Clocks (2007)

Jean Rollin's penultimate film, don't know why it hasn't been here, as it's an absolutely beautiful film. I used to think Jean Rollin's late films were weak. But, no, at least, this isn't!!
The plot (if there is any) revolves around the protagonist, supposedly the cousin of a recently deceased filmmaker called Michel Jean, following the book "Dreamflight" and discovering his world. (Watching this film now, one instantly thinks of Jean Rollin himself, and indeed, MIchel Jean is Jean Rollin himself). It's probably particularly interesting for Jean Rollin fans, as all those icons, motifs, and even many shots/sequences of his earlier films are juxtaposed in a poetic way to form this film. Characters are both real and imaginary...
I'd like to simply quote a seq of dialogue in the beginning of the film.
 La nuit des horloges.rar

Or La nuit des horloges.part4.rar La nuit des horloges.part3.rar La nuit des horloges.part2.rar La nuit des horloges.part1.rar La nuit des horloges.part5.rar

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