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Jean Girault - Le Gendarme et les extra-terrestres AKA The Gendarme and the Creatures from Outer Space (1979

An entry in the French Gendarme series of quasi-slapstick comedies featuring bumbling police officers, this time by the St Tropez beaches and with low-budget aliens. Despite the beach the cheesecake factor is remarkably small but there's plenty of mistaken identities and mild-mannered hijinks.

Wikipedia: The action once again take place in the small French town of Saint-Tropez. This time, Chief Marshal Cruchot (Louis de Funes) has discovered that aliens have arrived in their town. The aliens--which are made of iron--can duplicate the forms of humans and are skilled in the ways of telekinesis; they promptly impersonate the policemen. Cruchot finds that the only two ways to tell them apart are the fact that they drink only the purest motor oil and that, when struck, they make a sound similar to that of an empty rubbish bin. Hilarity, of course, ensues, especially when identities get mixed up: Cruchot is assumed to be mad. Gendarme Et Les Extra Terrestres.avi

Or Gendarme Et Les Extra Terrestres.part1.rar Gendarme Et Les Extra Terrestres.part2.rar Gendarme Et Les Extra Terrestres.part3.rar Gendarme Et Les Extra Terrestres.part4.rar

Subtitle Gendarme Et Les Extra

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