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Jean-Charles Dudrumet - Pleins feux sur Stanislas AKA Killer Spy (1965)

This is the second film based on the character of Stanislas Dubois, a reluctant spy. The story begins with Stanislas getting a bad review for an autobiographical volume he has just published. Incensed, he goes off to track down the author to give him a black eye, and instead stumbles onto a ditzy blonde and a mortally wounded man who has the time to utter an enigmatic phrase, 'Thirteen coffins', before snuffing it. This entry in the series is a bit more slapdash than the first one, but it is still extremely entertaining (by 60s spy spoof standards) and contains some highly diverting fight scenes of the sort that became Marais's trademark at that period. feux sur Stanislas.avi

Or feux sur Stanislas.part1.rar feux sur Stanislas.part2.rar feux sur Stanislas.part3.rar feux sur Stanislas.part4.rar feux sur Stanislas.part5.rar feux sur Stanislas.part6.rar feux sur Stanislas.part7.rar

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