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Jack Shea - The Monitors (1969)

In an Orwellian dystopia of unknown date, an omnipotent army of suited, turtle-necked, bowler-hat clad overseers monitor citizens for illegal acts -- including sex, violence, politics and display of emotions -- in an effort to force peace on the world. Loudspeakers instruct that "The Monitors are your friends." Underground, a right-leaning resistance movement plots the overthrow. Monitors (1969) MrBubble Rip.rar

Or Monitors (1969) MrBubble Rip.part2.rar Monitors (1969) MrBubble Rip.part1.rar Monitors (1969) MrBubble Rip.part3.rar Monitors (1969) MrBubble Rip.part4.rar Monitors (1969) MrBubble Rip.part5.rar

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