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Federico Zampaglione - Nero bifamiliare (2007)

Nero bifamiliare is a black metropolitan comedy.
Marina and Vittorio are young, beautiful, happy and in love. They have everything. A bi-familiar cottage in a lush quarter included. Around them orbits a strange neighbourhood. Most of all, the couple formed by Slatko the roumanian and the ambiguous Bruna. One day the fancy Marina and Vittorio's flat is robbed, and their neighbours are suddenly pointed out as guilty. In an obsessive desire for vengeance and justice, things soon end in a whirling close to insanity. bifamiliare.avi

Or bifamiliare.part1.rar bifamiliare.part2.rar bifamiliare.part3.rar bifamiliare.part4.rar bifamiliare.part5.rar bifamiliare.part6.rar


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