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Dave Markey - The Reinactors (2008)

The Reinactors interweaves the disparate lives of film character impersonators and celebrity look-a-likes on Hollywood Boulevard over the span of a year. Recognizable characters and stars of movies are portrayed by anyone who chooses to buy the costume and brave the mean streets of Hollyweird. These self-employed rouges forge a living one-dollar at a time, posing for photos with tourists in front of Graumen's Chinese Theater. These street characters have big dreams of breaking into the big-time as they struggle to make ends meet. Freddy Krueger works alongside Superman, Marilyn Monroe, Shrek, Batman, Borat and Lucy Ricardo. Competing Chewbacca’s, Spidermen and Captain Jack Sparrow’s vie for a spot on the limited real estate of The Walk Of Fame. The story unfolds through their colorful day-to-day lives and incredibly dramatic back-stories.

One-by-one, these reinactors find themselves at odds with the Hollywood they so want in on. These characters are literally right out of the movies, yet the unforeseen drama of the people underneath the make-up threatens to eclipse the bizarre array of Hollywood film icons they appropriate. We come to realize these people are born of the indigenous psychotropic nature of Hollywood itself. It’s a surreal story, in fact it does not seem at all like a documentary. The Reinactors is somewhere in-between Martin Bell's Streetwise (a sublime 1980's document of street kids in Seattle), and the comedic improvised absurdity of Christopher Guest's mockumentary Waiting For Guffman. Director David Markey says, ''’The Reinactors’ plays like a great-depression era Hollywood classic retold for the new millennium. It's also a film about the cutthroat nature backstage and behind the scenes of show business. A profound statement on where we are at culturally in America at the moment. An American Idol on crack, if you will.” reinactors.avi

Or reinactors.part1.rar reinactors.part2.rar

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