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Chang-hwa Jeong - Huang Fei-hong xiao lin quan AKA The Skyhawk (1974)

This is another film about Wong Fei-hong. But it was not meant to be just another film about this real life Chinese hero. It was the first time that the audience could see him in color. Apparently this one tried to follow the formula of the old black & white movie series based upon the same character and with the same leading actor, Kwan Tak-Hing, who was brought back of his semi-retirement. Kwan Tak-Hing is, by the way, famous for playing the character of Wong in more than 70 movies, a world record. It was direct by Chang-hwa Jeong that in 1972 made the remarkable "Five Fingers of Death" and some scenes were filmed in location in Thailand.

This feature also presents Sammo Hung as a apprentice of Wong, Carter Wong in one of his best roles, and the presence of Wong In Sik. Sik is the main reason that I particularly sought this title.

As a fan of martial arts movies I started to look up for films in which Wong In Sik worked after seen his impressive performance in Jakie Chan's "The Young Master" (1980).

So, this feature presents, as a plus for the audiences of the time, a very dear and known actor, back to the big screen to reprise the role that marked his career, it has major stars and a very talented director, the basics ingredients for a great movie, right? Well, it's not.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad movie at all. If only the plot and choreography were a little more inspired. But it ended just as a ok kung fu movie. The plot has a slow pace with some action and violence here and there. The bad dids of the villains get a fair amount of screen time -- I suppose to emphasise the moral superiority of Wong Fei-hong -- and the choreography only realy shines in the final showdown.

One could say that the film was more interested in be true to the real Wong Fei-hong teachings, so the good guys show more restrain and avoid senseless fighting, than to make a hardcore action movie.

All in all I give 3 out 5 stars for this one. Skyhawk [1974].avi

Or Skyhawk [1974].part1.rar Skyhawk [1974].part2.rar Skyhawk [1974].part3.rar Skyhawk [1974].part4.rar Skyhawk [1974].part5.rar

Subtitle Skyhawk [1974].srt

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