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Ato Bautista - Blackout (2007)

Gil Blanco is a lowly apartment landlord who suffers frequent blackouts due to his heavy drinking. His inability to control his alcoholism drives his wife away, leaving Gil to take care of his adorable son, Niño. In despair, Gil promises to quit drinking and reunite the family. However, one night, Gil experiences another blackout. This time, he is left with a mysterious bloody rear bumper on his run-down Mercedes. His life spirals into hysteria as he struggles to uncover the truth where the lines between real and unreal are blurred. One of his tenants, Belen is a pensive young lady who is bothered by the disappearance of her daughter Isabel. Will Belen learn the truth about the fate of her daughter? Will Gil be able to stay sober and regain control of his life? 2007 DVD-Rip [Gardol�] PHRENiAC.avi

Or 2007 DVD-Rip [Gardol�] PHRENiAC.part1.rar 2007 DVD-Rip [Gardol�] PHRENiAC.part2.rar 2007 DVD-Rip [Gardol�] PHRENiAC.part3.rar 2007 DVD-Rip [Gardol�] PHRENiAC.part4.rar

Subtitle 2007 DVD-Rip [Gardol�]

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