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Visit to a Small Planet (1960)

Plot: Kreton, a school pupil from the planet X-47, is found by his teacher joyriding in his flying saucer in Earth's upper atmosphere. Sentenced to write out "I will not visit Earth" ten million times, Kreton instead steals a flying saucer and returns to Earth, coming down in Richmond, Virginia. He has been intending to observe the Civil War but discovers that he has arrived a hundred years too late. Kreton arrives at the home of Mayor Spelding who is determined to prove that flying saucers do not exist. Invited to stay with the Speldings, Kreton's powers and his innocence in the ways of Earth culture cause a great many problems.

USA. 1960.
Director - Norman Taurog, Screenplay - Edmund Beloin & Henry Garson, Based on the Play by Gore Vidal, Producer - Hal Wallis, Photography (b&w) - Loyal Griggs, Music - Leigh Harline, Photographic Effects - John P. Fulton, Process Photography - Farciot Edouart, Makeup - Wally Westmore, Art Direction - Hal Pereira & Walter Tyler. Production Company - Wallis-Hazen Productions/Paramount.
Jerry Lewis (Kreton), Joan Blackman (Ellen Spelding), Earl Holliman (Conrad), Fred Clark (George Spelding), John Williams (Delton), Lee Patrick (Rheba Spelding), Gale Gordon (Bob Mayberry)
 to a Small Planet (1960).avi to a Small Planet (1960).avi

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