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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960)

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960)

Karel Reisz

Based upon a novel by
Alan Sillitoe

Freddie Francis

Release Date
April 1961

The sights and sounds of industrial Nottingham resonate with a grimy thud as Arthur Seaton works his tedious factory job. Through ale, women and practical jokes, he vents his frustrations against the "establishments" of work and marriage... until his reckless ways lead him to a night that changes his life. Forced to reevaluate his convictions, Arthur must decide exactly what he stands for.

Albert Finney    ... Arthur Seaton
Shirley Anne Field    ... Doreen
Rachel Roberts    ... Brenda
Hylda Baker    ... Aunt Ada
Norman Rossington    ... Bert
Bryan Pringle    ... Jack
Robert Cawdron    ... Robboe
Edna Morris    ... Mrs. Bull
Elsie Wagstaff    ... Mrs. Seaton
Frank Pettitt    ... Mr. Seaton
Avis Bunnage    ... Blousy Woman
Colin Blakely    ... Loudmouth
Irene Richmond    ... Doreen's Mother
Louise Dunn    ... Betty Reisz-Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960).avi

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