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Home from the Hill (1960)

Home from the Hill (1960)

Robert Mitchum stars as Wade, the big-shot in town; he is rich, conceited, a good hunter, a phillanderer, and a bad husband and father. His wife (Eleanor Parker) has been holding a grudge against him since they were married. It seems Wade fathered a child, Rafe, (George Peppard) out of wedlock. Wade's legitimate son, Theron (George Hamilton), is bit of a wimp and a disappointment to old Dad. Add to this mix the young and pretty Libby (Luana Patton), who likes both Theron and Rafe, and the stereotypical Texas good 'ole boys who stir up the plot, and you have a great story.
Vincente Minnelli directs his material operatically, which is as it should be given the larger-than-life character and emotional entanglements he has to deal with. (Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide)

Robert Mitchum Captain Wade Hunnicutt 
Eleanor Parker Hannah Hunnicutt 
George Peppard Rafe Copley 
George Hamilton Theron 
Everett Sloane Albert Halstead 
Luana Patten Libby Halstead 
Anne Seymour Sarah Halstead 
Constance Ford Opal Bixby 
Ken Renard Chauncey 
Ray Teal Dr Reuben Carso
Director : Vincente Minnelli
Screenplay : Harriet Frank Jr, Irving Ravetch 
From the novel by William Humphrey
Cinematographer : Milton Krasner
Music : Bronislau Kaper
Production : Edmund Grainger From The Hill (1960).avi From The Hill (1960).avi

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