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Fingerprints Don't Lie (1951)

Fingerprints Don't Lie (1951)

The killing of Mayor Palmer (Forrest Taylor) is being placed on Paul Moody (Richard Emory) by fingerprint expert Jim Stover (Richard Travis) as Moody's prints were found on the murder weapon. When reporter Brad Evans (Rory Mallison) places doubt in Stover's mind that the fingerprints were Moodys, he decides to investigate further with the help of the mayor's daughter Carolyn (Sheila Ryan).

Cast overview, first billed only:
Richard Travis .... James Stover
Sheila Ryan .... Carolyn Palmer
Sid Melton .... Hypo Dorton
Tom Neal .... The Prosecuting Attorney
Margia Dean .... Nadine Connell
Lyle Talbot .... Lt. Grayson
Michael Whalen .... Police Commissioner Frank Kelso
Richard Emory .... Paul Moody
Dee Tatum .... Connie Duval
George Eldredge .... King Sullivan
Rory Mallinson .... Brad Evans
Karl 'Killer' Davis .... Rod Barenger (as Karl Davis)
Zon Murray .... Defense Attorney
Syra Marty .... Syra, the Blonde Model (as Syra)
Forbes Murray .... Judge Edwin Monroe Don't Lie (1951).mkv Don't Lie (1951).mkv

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