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Detective Story (1951)

Detective Story (1951)

William Wyler

Release Date
November 1951

William Wyler directed this classic adaptation of Sidney Kingsley's Broadway play. The film follows a day in the lives of detectives at a Manhattan police precinct. Among the cops is hard-boiled James McLeod -- a lawman who sees everything in terms of black and white. His inability to empathize with others could wreck the life of a young man arrested for a minor offense as well as his own marriage...

Kirk Douglas    ... Det. James 'Jim' McLeod
Eleanor Parker    ... Mary McLeod
William Bendix    ... Det. Lou Brody
Cathy O'Donnell    ... Susan Carmichael
George Macready    ... Karl Schneider
Horace McMahon    ... Lt. Monaghan
Gladys George    ... Miss Hatch
Joseph Wiseman    ... Charley Gennini
Lee Grant    ... Shoplifter
Gerald Mohr    ... Tami Giacoppetti
Frank Faylen    ... Det. Gallagher
Craig Hill    ... Arthur Kindred
Michael Strong    ... Lewis Abbott
Luis Van Rooten    ... Joe Feinson
Bert Freed    ... Det. Dakis 21 (1951) [DvDrip.Dual].avi 21 (1951) [DvDrip.Dual].avi

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