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Alain Jessua - Jeu de Massacre AKA The Killing Game (1967)

Alain Jessua - Jeu de Massacre AKA The Killing Game (1967)

Written & directed by
Alain Jessua

Released in France as Jeu De Massacre, The Killing Game tips its hat to the "Op-Art" generation by offering two comic strip artists as its protagonists. Husband-and-wife cartoonists Jean-Pierre Cassel and Claudia Auger make the acquaintance of eccentric playboy Michel Duchaussoy. So avid a fan of the couple's work isDuchaussoy that he acts out the plotlines of their cartoons in his lavish mansion. When Cassel and Auger kill off one of their characters, Duchaussoy tries to murder Auger, then attempts to commit suicide. Packed away to a sanitarium, Duchaussoy is eventually released and reunited with the cartoonists, who have decided to avoid any future difficulties by purging all violence from their work!

Jean-Pierre Cassel ... Pierre Meyrand
Claudine Auger ... Jacqueline Meyrand
Michel Duchaussoy ... Bob Neuman
Eléonore Hirt ... Geneviève Neuman
Guy Saint-Jean ... Ado
Anna Gaylor ... Lisbeth
Nancy Holloway ... Brigitte[/b]

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